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 Financial Services Online Leads
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For Links To Free Tenancy Forms New Zealand

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Free Forms, Residential Tenancy Agreement & Info Sheets
  • Residential tenancy agreement Form
  • Flat/House Sharing agreement Form
  • Bond lodgement Form
  • Keeping accurate rent records and rent summary Template
  • Contact details for the landlord Template
  • All about tenancy bonds Info
  • What insurance do I need? Info
  • Rental payments and records Info
  • Water charges - who pays? Info
  • Allowing the tenant to have pets on the premises Info
  • Providing a healthy and safe rental property Info
  • Letting your home as a holiday home               
Free Info & Forms Pre Tenancy
  • Pre-letting checklist for landlords
  • Pre-tenancy application form
  • New tenant's checklist
  • Discrimination in tenancy matters
  • Selecting tenants
  • Conducting a reference check
  • Conducting a credit check
  • Selecting a property manager             
 Getting started
 Problem-free rentals
Ending a tenancy
Sorting out problems
  • Sorting out renting problems - all about disputes and mediation Info
  • 10 working days' notice – all other breaches Leter Template
  • 10 working days' notice – rent arrears Leter Template
  • The Tenancy Tribunal Info
  • Who should be named on the tenancy agreement when the property owner is not managing the property? Info
  • Tenancy Tribunal application Form
  • Rent arrears – information for landlords
  • Rent behind less than 21 days?  Making an application to the Tenancy Tribunal using section 56 Info
  • Rent behind more than 21 days?  Making an application to the Tenancy Tribunal using section 55 Info
  • Claiming unpaid rent and compensation after a tenancy has ended Info
  • Abandoned premises Info
  • Finding a new address for someone when you are trying to enforce a Tenancy Tribunal order Info
  • Request for release of address information Form
  • Abandoned goods Info
  • Enforcing a sealed mediator’s order or Tenancy Tribunal order Info
  • Tenancy Tribunal orders online Info
  • Conducting a property inspection during the tenancy Info
  • Applying to the Tenancy Tribunal – what to do when you don’t have the other party’s address for service Info
  • Your application for the release of address information was unsuccessful – what next? Info
  • Investigating landlords and tenants who breach the RTA Info
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