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DIY Renovations & Home Repairs

Property renovations are basically adding or renovating things in your home. Usually it is carried out by a professional tradesman or handy man but more  often people are trying to go it alone to save themselves extortionate fees. When home owners do home renovations they are known as amateurs and it is no longer called home reno, it is known as DIY reno (Do it yourself).

There are lots of different types of diy renovations or home renovations, wallpapering, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, renovating units, laying new carpets, transforming cellars and attics into other rooms and adding new extensions on to the house are just some of the types of home renovations that you can do.

Many people often get confused between home renovation and home repair; they are both different from each other. Home repair is basically finding problems then fixing them. Most repairs are do it yourself kind of things but sometimes, just occasionally may be your pipes will burst and you will need to call in the professionals! Home improvement on the other hand is bettering your home adding new things to it, changing the style of it or just adding a bit of a theme to it.

When people embark on a home renovation project they more often than  draw up a financial plan of some sort, basically this is to save them money. If you don’t have a budget then you are likely to spend much, much more than you need to! Often money can be saved by purchasing things that have promotional offers on them such as half price offers or buy one get one frees. These are the best things you can do to save you some money!

Before starting out on any home renovation project make sure that you have the basics covered; you know what you want done! You can afford to have it done! And it’s going to be done in a set amount of time! These points are essential in a project, but most of all make sure at the end of it you have the home that you want, not someone else’s idea! Make your home suit you!

Property Repairs
To a beginner, home repairs may seem overwhelming and best left to professionals. The good news is that with just a little time and effort anyone can understand the basics of home repairs and the best methods.

 If you are fortunate enough to know a handyman (or handywoman), then ask him or her to give you a brief orientation on tools and common problems. Even home improvement shows on television can provide you with some kind of basic knowledge and useful hints. The staff at your local hardware store can usually give you minimal direction as well.

 Every home should be equipped with a set of basic tools. These include a hammer, tape measure, screwdrivers (fiat and Phillips head), and pliers. You should also keep one or two boxes of nails and screws for the inevitable times when pictures fall off the wall or something needs a new screw. With just these four or five tools, you can complete a variety of simple repairs around the house without spending a fortune on a repairman.

 If you choose to use power tools or machines, it is important to read the operation
manual and understand the right way to use it. Machines can be fantastic in terms of shortening your work time and making a job easier, but they also require a certain level of caution. If you notice one of your machines or power tools running incorrectly, turn it off and consult the manual or call the manufacturer.

 While most home repairs can safely be attempted by amateurs, electrical problems and some plumbing issues should be dealt with by professionals only. Electricity can be highly dangerous and should be managed by a certified electrician who is up to date on all safety regulations in order to protect him and your home. Major plumbing issues must be addressed by licensed plumbers who are familiar with the situation and have the equipment necessary to handle it. While you can take apart and replace your U-bend, severely clogged drains and sewage hook-ups should be left to professional plumbers.
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